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Getting to Know the Land, Neighbors and Area

Over this spring and summer I spent time watching and walking over the property. Where does the water run off? Where is the shade and where is the sun? Where does the wind come from and how much wind? What wildlife is on the property? Oh my -- bugs, snakes, deer, elk, bobcat, and maybe even bear! Just some of what is on top of my hill. I met with some of the agriculture departments to go over what needs to be done with my soil and property. I have learned that the soil is low in pH and needs to be limed. I also learned that I don’t have very many invasive weeds, but what grass that is there is not really edible for livestock. Only about 20% of the trees in the area recently timbered and replanted have survived. All is good to know to put a plan together to improve.

For years before we decided to buy any property, community was one of those things that was important to me. But how do you even know what the community is going to be like in a new area? I stressed over this. What I have found is that community is what you make of it. I am very thankful for my community and neighbors. In town I find everybody friendly and helpful. I have met some of my close neighbors and over the summer I focused on building friendships with them. They have all been very supporting and friendly and have made me feel at home.

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