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Cleaning and Clearing

The land is relatively clean and clear. I did remove some old fencing and old logs. Lots of mowing -- the grass grows tall! In some areas it might have been years since the grass was mown. Did I mention picking up sticks? That’s right. Since some of the property was recently timbered lots of sticks have been strewn around and had to be picked up before I could mow. Now let’s talk about the huge piles of walnut trees that were just ripped out of the ground and laid on the surface. I spent four months picking through the piles saving what I could for firewood and setting the rest aside to be chipped or burned. All this work was done by me with my trusty tractor and trolley. I did hire out some things like cutting the large downed trees because I didn’t think that was safe enough for the skills I have. My brother was also very helpful in picking up sticks.

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