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Free Activities

We believe in building community and welcome you to visit the homestead to take part in one of our free activities. Whether you're an experienced homesteader or just getting your feet wet, come on over.

Get to Know
How We Work
  • What it takes to raise a year's worth of food

  • Intensive rotational grazing livestock

  • Pasture raised chickens

  • Milk-fed chickens and pork

  • Raised bed gardening

  • In-ground (market-style) garden plots

  • Sustainable practices for livestock and land management

  • Interspecies plantings

  • Sell eggs, chicken, pork and lamb

Cow Milking

Alternate Tuesdays

See how it is done in the field by machine or by hand. Get a chance to try it yourself.

Garden Share Day

Every Thursday 9am

Learn, participate, and share in gardening and take home some produce!

Cow Cuddling

Alternate Tuesdays

Experience the joys of cows up close.

Farm Tour

3rd Sunday

Learn sustainable whole farm practices and come to a potluck after the tour.

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