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Our Classes

Learn to grow your own food sustainably, raise meat animals with kindness and preserve fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy later in the year. Our homestead has 26 acres but you can use these same techniques in your small backyard! 

We are located an hour from Portland, Oregon - in the foothills of Willamette Valley.

Permaculture gardening

Learn the benefits of a permaculture garden, how to build and begin a sustainable garden, taking advantage of the natural ecosystem building soil quality and healthy plants. 


Learn the basics to get you started on a cheesemaking adventure. We source raw milk locally and learn the steps to make cheese.

Seasonal gardening

Let's get growing! Plan out your crops, start seeds and learn how to maintain a healthy plant to give you the best yield. 

Backyard meat chickens

Living in a suburban environment does not exclude you from raising your own meat birds. Learn to build a chicken tractor, what to feed your chickens, and hands-on butchering lessons. 

A day on the homestead

Dreaming of a homestead of your own? Spend the day doing homestead chores, learning as you experience what it takes to maintain the property.

Canning and preserving

You've grown a great crop of food, now learn how to preserve your own food for year-round enjoyment.

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